An inside Look

The Shop Test Mule

My car: This is a 2015 Mustnag GT A6, I added a Procharger, Kooks headers and a Circle D converter to get it into the 9.6 range, then I added L&M Intake cams and a Ported Boss Manifold to get it to 9.4@147. This car is more of a test mule for us to test products, plus it is really fun to drive!

Full Time Bracket Racer

Mike's car: This is a car that in 2010 when we first built it won the IHRA Division 3 Championship.  It was a mid 10s car then and now runs a 9.8 with an NA SBF and C4 tranny.  Mike races this car every weekend and is usually in the top 3!

Modern meets Nostalgia

The Legend Dan Ross:  This is the Quadrabird, it is an AWD Twin turbo 4.6 1955 T-Bird.  We have helped Dan build this car into an extremely cool and fun Street/Strip car. It has been 9.8 and we are currently updating the safety equipment to do faster as this car has much more untapped speed left.

Street Strip Play Toy

Erik's car: As of right now this is a basically stock 05 GT with an ON3 turbo kit that he stick shifts into the mid11s.  We are currently getting ready to add a monster Turbo 4.6 DOHC engine.

Fast N Fun Daily Driver

The Oldness: This is my Dad's car, he bought it modded with a procharger kit and suspension mods, we have since gone through it and did an auto swap with a 5R55 trans and it has been 11.1 with room to grow. Keep on the lookout for some mid 10second passes and 9s once we add race gas!

Soon To Come

This space is reserved for our next shop car.