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Glory to God is our highest call.

A Quick Look

My Background


"I enlisted in the Army right out of High school and served 6 years in the Army Reserves as a Mechanic and decided to go on my own mainly because of my passion for FAST cars. I have been working for garages since the age of 16 with one thought in mind...  There were no shops that focused on Performance at the level I had in mind. So Rodeheaver's Hotrod Shop came to be! Rodeheaver's Hotrod Shop was started in July 2004, I was just 24 years old then with only the help of a few friends and my family (thanks Dad!) and my awesome wife who never stops inspiring me to do my best and give thanks to God! Our shop is growing bigger and bigger each year as our customer base grows streching across more than 5 states.  You will not be disappointed with our knowledge of all things fast and our dedication to our customers and work."  

The Shop


  Rodeheaver's Hot Rod Shop is an 18000 square foot facility that specializes Ford Mustangs and V8 POWER, We have built and tuned many many Fast cars and trucks, we have a ton of 11, 10, a few proven 9 and even an 8 second street car under our belt! We are your one stop go fast shop. We offer many services including but not limited to Parts installation, Parts sales, Chassis Dyno Tuning, suspension upgrades and tuning, Custom fuel systems, mount and balance tires,  cam swaps, headers, custom exhaust, a full engine assembly room and just about anything you can want done to your ride!...Please give us a call for more detailed information about our services. You can also find examples of our previous work in the Customer car and Shop car pages. 

My Faith


Here are Rodeheavers Hotrod Shop, we hold our faith higher than anything else.  We believe in an intelligent creator.  We believe that God has given us this life and shown us his Glory and we try to glorify God by doing our very best for him in everything we do, and this most definitely includes working on your ride! Some people tell me I am crazy for proclaiming my faith, but I do not hide the Fact that I love Jesus.  If you want to know more about Jesus or need prayer please do not hesitate to ask.

Contact Me

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Rodeheavers Hot Rod

(724) 737-5088