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Welcome to Rodeheavers Hot Rod

Welcome to Rodeheavers Hot Rod

Welcome to Rodeheavers Hot RodWelcome to Rodeheavers Hot Rod

The Art of dyno tuning

The ingredients as we see them.

 Proper equipment is the first step 

-Mustang MD1100 Chassis Dyno:
-Measures 2500+HP and up to 225MPH
-Loaded Dyno so the tune is right the first time
-Large Knurled Rollers for maximum Traction
-Steady State Tuning capabilities


Fair Dyno Rates come next
-Single pull  50$
-3 pulls 85$(1/2 hour time limit)
-Rent the dyno and make as many pulls as you need for 150$/Hour
-We tune your car 150$/Hour

 Experience is the Key!

We have taken Advanced Engine Coarses as well as EFI tuning and software specific classes.  I personally cant stop reading, asking, searching, testing and learning enough about mastering my craft. As technology expands and grows I find myself immersed in it and I truley LOVE what I do. I do not take all of the credit for being able to tune EFI as well as I can, I have to give much thanks to Shaun Perry at AED for helping me hone my knowledge about Ford tuning.

 The best Software tops it all off





-Megasquirt (tuner studio)

Tuning software is an ever growing field, we at Rodeheavers Hotrod Shop strive to stay on top of it all and constantly strive to become the best we can be by using the best we can find.


 Rodeheaver's Mustang dyno can do things that other dynos can't. The rollers require such little force to spin, you can turn all the rollers, as well as the giant PAU magnet and 800lb. flywheel with just one finger!! Because of this, it can easily record accurate 0-60, 0-100 and 1/4 mile drag times.   The difference in the Mustang and your "average dyno" is the capability to load the MD-1100 with the proper resistance to better tune your car. For example if you have a 3250lb mustang on the MD-1100 I enter the weight of the car and aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle and the machine calculates the amount of resistance against the rear wheels, on your “average dyno” your 3250lb car is turning a 2200lb drum without any resistance at all so therefore you are technically writing a tune for a 2200lb car.. When the car is unloaded off of your "average dyno" sometimes you will experience drivability issues the issues are related to not being able to tune the car with the correct amount of load against the rear wheels. So with the latest most up to date software available and one of the most advanced dynos on the market give us a call with your tuning needs.